KFE Item Sorting

User Interface

Backpack UI

Update the sorting algorithm to group weapons of the same Name then sorts them by price, which will display the better ones to the top. Display the pistols closer together.

  • Revolvers now display after handguns
  • Handguns and Revolvers display before the rest of the weapons
  • Changed Default Sort : Item Type -> Name Alphabetical -> Quality -> Price descending
  • Changed New Sort : New -> Item Type ->  Name Alphabetical -> Quality -> Price descending
  • Changed Item Type sort: Item Type -> Name Alphabetical -> Quality -> Price descending

Crafting Upgrade UI:

Upgradable Equipped items are always on top followed by Unupgradable Equipped Items. After that are the unequipped items that are upgradable followed by the unupgradable.


Make sure you have rescript installed. Place KFEItemSorting.reds into the r6/scripts directory.

(Published on: 2023-04-16 06:24:00)

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