Kara’s Snowy Outfit – Phrensie’s Phrenetic Phinery (Archive XL)

Armour and Clothing

This mod enables player characters to wear Kara’s end-game, post-Zlatko outfit, ported from Detroit Become Human. Includes her jacket, shirt, pants, and boots, with 10 color variants for each item. I have included an all-in-one file for those who want access to all four items as well as individual files for each item for those don’t want all four items installed at once. Of note, the files are fairly large, as I also ported most of the original materials textures from DBH rather than substituting with Cyberpunk materials.

Compatible with Equipment EX. The jacket uses the outer torso slot, the shirt uses the middle torso slot, the pants use the middle legs slot, and the boots use the feet slot.

Currently Fem V only, though I do want to refit the boots for Masc V.

Currently vanilla body only. Feel free to reach out if you’d like to assist in refitting for modded bodies!

! ! !

The pants are not meant to be worn without a long shirt/skirt/dress and boots. They are unfinished around the waist and the ankles in the original game (as those areas are never viewed), and I do not currently have the skill to fix them. Similarly, I cannot make the bag a standalone item, as the shoulder strap is incomplete.

If you haven’t already, download and install the update to my virtual atelier,

Phrensie’s Phrenetic Phinery

, and its requirements.

If you prefer using CET codes, you can find text documents containing the codes lists for download under optional files.

If you haven’t already, download and install




, and their requirement,



Download and unzip the mod folder (

Phrensie Kara Snowy Outfit All-in-One.zip


Drag and drop the




folders directly into your

Cyberpunk 2077

game files folder.


Drag and drop the .archive file (


) and the .xl files (

phrensie_kara_snowy_boots_xl.xl, phrensie_kara_snowy_jacket_xl.xl, phrensie_kara_snowy_pants_xl.xl, phrensie_kara_snowy_shirt_xl.xl

) into your

Cyberpunk 2077/archive/pc/mod

folder and the .yml files (

phrensie_kara_snowy_boots_yaml.yml, phrensie_kara_snowy_jacket_yaml.yml, phrensie_kara_snowy_pants_yaml.yml, phrensie_kara_snowy_shirt_yaml.yml

) into your

Cyberpunk 2077/r6/tweaks


To uninstall, delete the .archive, .xl, and .yml files from their respective folders.

Eternal thanks to the modding regulars in the Cyberpunks server for their guidance, kindness, and patience:




, and


, in particular. And, o

f course, thanks to the incredibly skilled individuals who created the tools and frameworks used in the creation of this mod: the


development team

and alphaZomega. A special thanks to Grayscale

for their ArchiveXL tutorial, and an extra special thanks to


for the lovely images of their fabulous V, Avery, modeling the outfit! An extra, ultra, super thanks to


for walking me through the entire process of porting clothes step-by-step and for going way above and beyond to solve the Case of the Crunching Collar.

(Published on: 2023-06-01 02:31:00)

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Attached Files:

File Name Download Count Download Button
Kara Snowy Boots-8438-1-0-1685408563.zip 0 Download
Kara Snowy Jacket-8438-1-0-1685408591.zip 0 Download
Kara Snowy Outfit All-in-One-8438-1-0-1685408541.zip 0 Download
Kara Snowy Pants-8438-1-0-1685408616.zip 0 Download
Kara Snowy Shirt-8438-1-0-1685408647.zip 0 Download
Kara Snowy Boots CET Code LIst-8438-1-0-1685408707.zip 0 Download
Kara Snowy Jacket CET Code List-8438-1-0-1685408723.zip 0 Download
Kara Snowy Outfit All in One CET Code List-8438-1-0-1685408684.zip 0 Download
Kara Snowy Pants CET Code List-8438-1-0-1685408784.zip 0 Download
Kara Snowy Shirt CET Code List-8438-1-0-1685408802.zip 0 Download

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