JWL Cyberpunk BLACKWALL – Complete Gameplay Overhaul and Rebalance


Cyberpunk 2077: BLACKWALL

is a project aimed at improving and expanding upon existing features and mechanics in the vanilla game. I have carefully tweaked and tested hundreds of different variables to produce what I feel is the most optimal experience. In addition to the many changes that come with this mod, I have also added several new items as well. See the FEATURES section below for more information on all the various changes and additions.

I strongly suggest starting a NEW SAVE! Cyberpunk BLACKWALL was made with the intention of being played on the “VERY HARD” difficulty, but is available for all other difficulties as well. Balance may be off on the easier difficulties as they remain untested. If you play on one of these difficulties let me know!

This mod was originally inspired by

HARDCORE22 – Realistic Combat Overhaul

as I prefer fast-paced reactionary combat over the “shoot enough numbers until the bullet sponge dies” combat in most of the vanilla game. However, I was sorely disappointed with how the mod completely guts the RPG elements of this very fantastic RPG. So I set out to essentially create a marriage of the two extremes; bullet sponges are reserved for bosses/psychos while still not overdoing it, putting less emphasis on having big enough numbers to take on an enemy without completely eliminating that element, and improving the overall feeling and flow of combat, while also maintaining the existing RPG elements and sense of character progression. Of course, once I adjusted a handful of these values I found myself digging through the entire game to make tweaks. The result is a complete rebalancing of the game. The list of changes is exhaustive and expanded upon further below.

The current version available (1.0.0) is only an initial release and should not be considered “feature complete”. Expect adjustments to be made in the future that may affect the current balance as things are play tested and changed accordingly. New items/mechanics/rebalances are planned (see “ROADMAP” section below).

Only available in English.

If you make a translation please send it my way and I’ll include it in the main mod.

Level Cap:

    (NEW in 1.1.0)

    The level cap has been increased from 50 to 80. This includes everything that is influenced by level; player, NPCs, items, etc. I’m actually unsure if it’s possible to hit the new max level with the amount of vanilla content but you’ll be close to 100% completion by the time you do. Also increases the exp requirements for the first 20 levels slightly. Street Cred cap has also been increased to 80 but serves no purpose beyond 50 (yet).


    The overall flow of and approach to combat has been completely overhauled and is the primary focus for the initial release. Enemies will die a lot faster, but so will you. You’ll need to rely on instinct, wit, reflexes, and the many tools the game provides to achieve victory. This is accomplished through many small tweaks and additions further elaborated on below.

Stat Squish:

    For starters, certain stats (specifically HP, Armor, and DPS) have had their ceilings reduced substantially and their floors increased slightly. What this means is that the difference between a Level 1 and Level 50 has been reduced, but not to a point where the difference is insignificant. This applies both to the Player and NPCs. You will still feel a growth in power as you play through the game but it has less influence on your ability to handle higher level enemies and still lets lower level enemies pose a challenge. Overall, Night City should remain deadly throughout an entire playthrough.


  • Locomotion Overhaul:

    • Slight rework to V’s overall movement.
    • V’s base movement speed reduced by 20% (feels way more natural)
    • Sneaking/Slow Walk speed reduced by further 33%.
    • Climbing action completely reworked. The “grab” capsule and angle has been slightly increased to make parkour feel more natural and quick.
    • Carrying a “medium” sized weapon, such as a rifle or shotgun, imposes a penalty similar to that of the one from LMGs. You move 15% slower and cannot dodge. The effect is negated at Body 12.
    • The required stat needed to negate the effect of carrying a heavy weapon (LMG/Grad) has been increased to Body 16.

Stat Adjustments:

  • Health:

    • V will no longer gain base Health with each level up and stays at 100 (level 50 gets a bonus 25 as a reward). Other sources (Body Attribute, Cyberware, Consumables) still grant health.
    • Regular enemies also gain substantially less health per level.
    • Base regen is removed. You now only gain regen from perks/cyberware/etc. (still needs some testing)
    • Bosses, Psychos, Mechs, and Cyborgs have had their HP multipliers increased so they don’t become non-threats
    • Fixes the issue most rebalance mods have in making Johnny too underpowered for the scenes you control him. Johnny will remain a beast!

  • Armor:

    • Armor has been squished


      . The numbers may seem very small but they are inline with the balance changes.
    • Armors intent is no longer to make you more invulnerable but to increase the buffer between damage and death.
    • Certain Armor% sources have been increased to allow for some compensation.

  • Carry Weight:

    • V’s base carry weight has been reduced (200->100).
    • Sources of increased carry weight have also been reduced.
    • Many previously weightless items now have weight.

  • Damage:

    • Headshot damage for all weapon types has been increased. Non-Boss enemies will almost always die.
    • Damage dealt and damage received have been increased relative to the players level. (Early game you can take maybe 1-3 bullets before death but so do enemies)
    • DPS progression on weapons is less substantial but still noticeable. You could in theory play through the whole game with the same weapon without upgrading more easily than vanilla.
    • Quickhack damage has also been completely rebalanced accordingly.

Weapon Adjustments:

  • Ammo Overhaul:

    • The number of ammo types has been increased from 4 to 15.
    • Max Ammo has been reduced across the board (usually only enough for 3-4 magazines)
    • Power weapons have ammo based on the weapon type instead of class (ie. Revolver has its own ammo instead of using pistol). Tech/Smart weapons are delineated similarly to vanilla.
    • New naming convention based on real-life ammo! (You’re a merc, it would make sense you’d know these things)
    • If you’re unsure what ammo your gun uses, it is now displayed on the tooltip underneath the name and type.
    • All ammo is available for purchase from every gunshop.
    • Crafting recipes for new ammo must be purchased (random ammo recipes are sold on each stock refresh). They’re expensive!!
    • All ammo has been physicalized in the inventory and has weight. (It’s very small, only 0.01 per round)

    • New Ammo Chart


      • 9x19mm Parabellum

        : Power Pistols, 72max (

        replaces Pistol Ammo


      • 11.43x23mm ACP

        : Power Revolvers, 30max

      • 4.6x30mm PDW:

        Power SMGs, 90max

      • 5.56x45mm NATO

        : Power Auto Rifles/LMGs, 120max (

        replaces Rifle Ammo


      • 7.62x51mm NATO

        : Power Precision Rifles, 36max

      • 7.92x57mm Mauser

        : Power Sniper Rifles, 30max (

        replaces Sniper Ammo


      • 12x70mm Buckshot

        : Power Shotguns, 48max (

        replaces Shotgun Ammo


      • 9x21mm TCH

        : Tech Pistols/Revolvers/SMGs, 48max

      • 6x48mm TCH

        : Tech Rifles, 36max

      • 8x60mm TCH

        : Tech Snipers, 20max

      • 20x70mm TCH

        : Tech Shotguns, 32max

      • 10x22mm SMRT

        : Smart Pistols/Revolvers/SMGs, 48max

      • 5.45x40mm SMRT

        : Smart Rifles, 90max

      • 7.7x58mm SMRT

        : Smart Snipers, 20max

      • 23x75mm SMRT

        : Smart Shotguns, 32max

  • Mobile Ammo Restocking:

    • You can now open the trunk (Hold F) on any owned vehicle with a trunk and instantly replenish all your ammo stocks. Keep in mind you will be charged for this service based on the amount of ammo replenished. This is more expensive than buying ammo from a vendor but far more convenient and gives a edge in using a car over the superior lane-splitting bike. (Original idea by bobrobbow!) You need at least 5,000 E$ to activate this effect.

  • Weapon Overhaul

    • Many different tweaks to fire-rate, damage-per-shot, recoil, etc. in an attempt to make weapons feel better to use and slightly more realistic as well as increasing the diversity between the various weapon types.
    • Power/Tech weapons have had their attachment restrictions relaxed. You now have more options in terms of customization. Smart weapons still do not accept muzzles/scopes (they were way too OP)


  • Clothing Slots:

    • Clothing slots for mods have been increased across the board compared to vanilla 1.6.

    • Face Slots:

      1 at Rare/Epic, 2 at Legendary

    • Head Slots:

      1 at Rare/Epic, 2 at Legendary

    • Inner Chest Slots:

      1 at Uncommon, 2 at Rare, 3 at Epic, 4 at Legendary

    • Outer Chest Slots:

      1 at Common, 2 at Uncommon, 3 at Rare, 4 at Epic, 5 at Legendary

    • Leg Slots:

      1 at Rare, 2 at Epic, 3 at Legendary

    • Foot Slots:

      1 at Rare/Epic, 2 at Legendary

  • Grenades/Consumables:

    • These items now have weight.
    • Stack sizes for these items has been substantially reduced. You can only carry a few of each type at a time.

  • Quickhacking:

    • Cooldowns and upload times for most quickhacks have been increased.
    • Time-Dilation when hacking has been removed (it was too easy to use it to cheese stealth).
    • Intelligence requirements have been added to Cyberdecks. (Current visual bug, see “KNOWN ISSUES” section below)

    • (NEW in 1.1.0)

      Slight nerf to Tectronic Rippler upload time reduction.

  • New Mods/Attachments:

    • Adds many new epic and legendary variants of existing mods that lacked them.
    • Added an epic and legendary supressor.

    • (NEW in 1.1.0)

      New clothing mods that reduce quickhack upload times.

    • (NEW in 1.1.0)

      New clothing mods that increases carry capacity.
    • New mods/attachments can be purchased from vendors.


  • Adjustments:

    • Kiroshi Optics are now Rare/Epic/Legendary (was Common/Rare/Epic)
    • Tyrosine Injector is now Rare (was Uncommon)
    • Detoxifier/Fireproof/Grounded/Dermal Weave are now Legendary (was Epic)
    • Some other rarity adjustments I’m sure I did but can’t remember
    • Subdermal Armor gives less base armor but now also adds a substantial Armor% buff

  • New Cyberware:

    • Epic and Legendary versions of the Tyrosine Injector (Increases breach time by 133%/180%)
    • Legendary version of the Nanorelays (Increases Sandevistan/Berserk by 3 sec)
    • Legendary version of Bionic Joints (reduces recoil by 40%)
    • Legendary version of Dense Marrow (reduces stamina penalty to 5% from 10%)
    • Legendary version of the Microvibration Generator (increases melee damage by 20%)
    • Legendary versions of existing Leg Cyberware.
    • Epic and Legendary version of Titanium Bones (increases carry capacity by 80%/100%)

    • (NEW)

      Rare, Epic, and Legendary versions of the Kiroshi Opti-Shield. (Reduces damage by 20%/40%/40% for 10/10/15 seconds. Cooldown 60 seconds. Cannot be used alongside optical camo)

    • (NEW)

      Epic and Legendary versions of the Cytech Aperture Eyes. A set of eyes with less attachment slots but buffs useful to netrunners.

    • (NEW)

      Legendary Arasaka Executive Optics. A unique modified optical implant with 4 attachment slots.

    • (NEW)

      Rare, Epic, and Legendary versions of the Reactive Shoulder Actuator. (Increases fire rate by 5%/10%/20%)

    • (NEW)

      Epic and Legendary Cheetah Legs. A leg cyberware that increases movement speed.

    • (NEW in 1.1.0)

      Rare, Epic, and Legendary versions of the Ventromedial Coprocessor. A frontal cortex cyberware that reduces upload time.

    • (NEW in 1.1.0)

      Rare, Epic, and Legendary versions of the Dorsolateral Stimulator. A frontal cortex cyberware that reduces quickhack cooldown time.


  • Minor Changes/Adjustments:

    • Several different items have had their costs increased, making purchasing them more expensive but selling them more lucrative.
    • Enemies drop less ammo and consumables but drop more junk and jewelry.
    • The required Tech level needed for crafting Epic items perk has been reduced to 9.
    • The required Tech level needed for crafting Legendary items perk has been reduced to 14.
    • Doubles the amount of Street Cred EXP needed per level.
    • Vehicle summon distance has been increased. Vehicle should no longer appear within radar range. (minimum distance to summon vehicle is unchanged, so you can get it unstuck in the rare case it bugs out)
    • Vehicle repair cost has been slightly increased
    • Legendary items spawn chance increased by ~5%
    • Clothing Vendors sell random clothing mods (emulated pre 1.6 behavior)

  • Cyberdeck Intelligence requirement does not display properly on the tooltip. The error message that pops up telling you what you need does show correctly however. So if you can’t equip it and want to know, just click it.
  • Some surfaces don’t like the change I made to the climb hitbox so you can sometimes end up climbing onto somewhere unintended.
  • Some of the HP regen changes haven’t been fully tested since there’s several variables that can influence it. Inform me of any bugs.
  • Sprinting animation at low levels while holding a weapon can look strange in some circumstances. Already working on a fix.

  1. Download and install the

    REDMod DLC

    or activate it on Steam
  2. Download and install

  3. Download and install

  4. Download and install

  5. Download and install

  6. Download and install this mod
  7. Go to r6/cache/modded and delete anything present
  8. Open the launcher and check “Enable Mods” (if not already)
  9. Launch the Game
  10. If you see “Cyberpunk 2077 Blackwall” on the main menu you’re in business!

I still have many plans for this mod, but wanted to release it as it is now for testing purposes. Below are a sample of some ideas I have planned, some of which are already in development. Keep in mind these are not promises and may never come to light.

  • Weather Overhaul, including new weather types and visuals
  • Unique meshes/textures for new items
  • Perk Overhaul
  • AI Improvements (it’s possible but testing will be a pain)
  • More new weapons, items, cyberware, etc
  • Loot table adjustments and rebalance
  • More to be announced soon…

BLACKWALL was made specifically to work alongside some specific mods. Though ultimately they’re optional I highly recommend the following mods for the intended experience:

Due to the way REDMod works, multiple REDMods that modify the same file will not be compatible with each other. Since BLACKWALL covers a wide array of different aspects of the game, this does restrict what other mods are compatible with it. Any mod that modifies the player character, NPCs, items, weapons, cyberware, or movement through REDMod has a good chance of being incompatible. If you find a mod that is incompatible with this one creating a patch is (typically) not very difficult.

Icompatible Mods:

Weapon Overhaul

For Redscript developers, I replaced the following methods:











And wrapped the following method:


< (Published on: 2022-10-30 14:24:00)

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