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Witcher Jacket Replacer version released

… See the last image for screenshot… This version only has 2 decals, and only on the back of the jacket (as that’s how the vanilla jacket is and these just swap textures)…

Damn, it was hard to find these decals…lol… Had to take the dragon (and the blue/yellow JNCO logo) from an image of real jeans and remove the background entirely by hand (AI couldn’t do it at all because a lot of the dragon was the same color as the jeans so it would remove all of that, too, and also would remove a lot of it’s spikes and whatnot… AI did do the upscaling and final touchups, though)… Also was really hard to find any of these with transparency, so had to do all of that myself too… So yeah, this basically took me most of the day today, so I really hope at least someone enjoys it…lol

This is compatible with

Cropped David Martinez Jacket

(male and female and all bodies) mod by SmallSandayu

Also fully compatible with my

David Martinez Jacket Recolors


ArchiveXL version?

Nope… I don’t care enough to try to learn how to use it…


If you don’t already have the jacket in your inventory/wardrobe, you can spawn it in via CET’s console with this command

(it’s a quest item, so you’ll probably want to just spawn it in if you don’t have yet… Or do the quest)


  • Game.AddToInventory(“Items.MQ049_martinez_jacket”, 1)

For the Witcher jacket:

  • Game.AddToInventory(“Items.GOG_DLC_Jacket”,1)


  • Delete the “0JncoJeans_xxxxJacketReplacer.archive” file from your [CP77>archive>pc>mod] folder

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(Published on: 2023-03-12 00:14:00)

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