Integrated Suppressor for Ashura Smart Rifle



Makes the Ashura Smart Rifle suppressed/silenced by default, just like the Iconic Overwatch sniper rifle. The default appearance and sound effect for the Ashura clearly shows a big suppressor with a quiet sound effect, but for whatever reason it’s not actually coded as a silenced weapon.  This simple tweak fixes that, making the Ashura the ultimate silent Assassin rifle.


With this tweak, the Ashura is not completely silent. It is louder than a suppressed pistol, but much quieter than an unsuppressed rifle. This means you can easily take out an isolated NPC from a few meters away, but if you are very close to an NPC or try to snipe someone very close to his squad mates, all enemies will be alerted. Choose your targets carefully.

See video for demonstration.


  • TweakXL


Extract the contents of the download to the Cyberpunk2077 folder. The filepath should look like this in the end:

Cyberpunk 2077/r6/tweaks/suppressed_ashura/suppressed_ashura.yaml


Delete the suppressed_ashura folder and it’s contents inside the following path:

Cyberpunk 2077/r6/tweaks/


Q: Did you modify any sounds or appearance for the Ashura?

A: No, the default sounds and appearance already look suppressed/silent to me, so I did not modify any of the default assets. I only edited the script to make it silenced for gameplay purposes.


Thank you to


for answering my questions about tweakXL modding, for showing how silenced weapons work, and for his excellent


mod which includes an iconic suppressed Ashura and many other very cool tweaks to stealth gameplay. Go check it out!  If you don’t want all Ashura rifles to silenced, and only one unique weapon silenced, use his mod instead.

(Published on: 2023-04-06 16:06:00)

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