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High-resolution textures of Makeup for NPCs and Player.

Original files were mostly 256 resolution I have upscaled all textures by 4x using



ESRGAN models

, to a maximum of 1K.

A 2K option is available if you’re concerned about your VRAM.


Both standard archive and REDMod versions are available

If you want this to be overwritten by other mods, add a prefix of “ZZ” at the beginning of the mod archive name

So what’s with all these High-Res Texture Mods?

Cyberpunk relies heavily on post-processing and native upscaling for it’s graphics. That means that most of the vanilla textures are very low resolution, with the game engine upscaling most of them at least 2x but as much as 32x the original, depending on your graphics settings.

That technique allows CDPR to package the game much smaller, but the quality of this on-the-fly upscaling is nowhere near what carefully trained and chosen upscale models can do with powerful AI software. Since vanilla textures are already being upscaled, there shouldn’t be much of a difference in VRAM usage between these mods and putting your Texture Quality setting to High.

The biggest improvements are increased definition. CP77 relies heavily on normal maps for it’s textures and then applying colors and effects to those normal maps. AI-upscaled normal maps greatly increase the definition of the detailing, allowing light and shadow to fall better.

Ok, I’m convinced. I want more. Gimme gimme.

Alright! Well stay tuned because I am planning to upscale the entire game! For real!

It’s going to be a couple hundred mods when I’m done, basically a complete Next-Gen Graphics DLC. All

my CP77 mods are here

. You can track me on Nexus to get notified of new releases, but I am also packaging everything into Nexus Collections so you can get a one-click installation:

High-Res Graphics Pack – MAXIMUM

High-Res Graphics Pack – PERFORMANCE

Thank you to


 for the screenshots

I’m looking to connect with screen archers who are interested in taking screenshots of my mods. Find me on discord with username


, or

join my discord server here


(Published on: 2022-10-23 02:01:00)

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