Guy Fawkes Mask (Male and Female V)


-Guy Fawkes Mask-

-REQUIRED MOD: ‘Material and Texture Override’

Get it here:

-replaces the samurai mask

-use cyber engine tweaks to obtain-

spawn command:



Put the .archive file in archive>pc>mod

Tools used:

3DS MAX 2017 – Importing, Rigging and Exporting 3D meshes

Noesis – Importing and Exporting meshes to Cyberpunk 2077 format

Noesis script for 3DS Max – Importing .mesh files to 3DS MAX

Wolvenkit – Extracting and editing various game files (basically the backbone to Cyberpunk 2077 modding)

MLSetupBuilder – Editing colors and materials

Adobe Photoshop CS6 – Editing textures

Notepad++ – Editing .json files

Thank You to all the people who helped create these tools

(Published on: 2023-03-13 03:16:00)

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