GITS 1.7

Visuals and Graphics


Inspired by the live action adaptation of Masamune Shirow’s Ghost In The Shell; this mod dramatically overhauls the weather and lighting, with significant adjustments to exposure for a less blinding experience modeled after human eye adaptation rather than a pocket camera. The more natural color grading lends itself well to digital photography.

GAMMA range in between .90 – .94 recommended.

GITS 1.7 Immersive –

Feature rich and focused on enhancing RT and PT shading. Sharper reflections, defined shadows, extended RT rendering distance, vehicle interior

reflections, enhanced muzzle flashes,

Rain by Sosuine (and me)

, enhanced eye materials, cloud texture edits,

vignette disabled, internal sharpening disabled, ini hair tweaks for Path Tracing and Ray Tracing, ini Cloud tweaks, ini NRD reLAX tweaks, and more

– if you want to use the Killzone Edition of my separate muzzle flash mod with this;

simply add an underscore to the front of muzzle flash mod’s filename.

GITS 1.7 Ntense (4090 Edition)

– All of the above and more. You will drop below 60 frames per second, and you will love it.

GITS 1.7


– Suited for smol GPU chooms, 2R1B(1 rays, 1 bounce) for increased PT performance,

vignette disabled, internal sharpening disabled,

cloud tweaks included,

better eyes, no fx enhancements, minimum RT enhancements, NRD tweaks, better rain


You’re welcome.

If you only want the color grading, download ‘GITS – Standard’ from the file archives.

This is not a reshade.  Throw this in your installation

folder – simple as


If you want to use reshade – you will need to build a new one to suit the rendering adjustments made here.


Recommended Gamma Correction range is between .98 and .92

Not compatible with other weather or lighting mods such as Realcolorr, Constant Rain, Enhanced Weather, Weather Probability Rebalance, any E3 lighting mod, Eye Adaptation Auto Exposure Fix, Optimized, Raytracing Overdrive Optimizations

, etc.


Alcarda, alphaZomega, rfuzzo and the Wkit dev team.

(Published on: 2023-08-19 04:44:00)

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GITS 1.7 (Raster and PT Performance)-5363-1-7-1692416640.rar 1 Download
GITS 1.7 - Immersive Edtion(Enhanced RTX)-5363-1-7-1692357838.rar 1 Download
GITS 1.7 - Ntense (4090 Edition)-5363-1-7-1692357966.rar 1 Download
reNOISE-5363-1-63-1692311184.rar 1 Download
RTXDIY-5363-1-7-1692357576.rar 1 Download

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