Futuristic Silencers Overhaul (with Ashura and Chao add-on)


Hello world. Vanilla silencers cuts weapon damage first, then multiplies it until a first hit, and then you will continue to shoot with the reduced damage right after. Some sort of gameplay restriction by dumbs for dumbs. Why to have that. You will end up with using only Overture. That’s why I have made the silencers more realistic first. The real silencers reduce recoil and make a weapon more large and hot. Also I have wanted the silencers to be of different quality from now on.

That forced me to make them different somehow. It took me some time to invent how silencers will work in the future, but now it’s done too =)

.:: The mod is made over vanilla silencers and replaces their stats and descriptions ::.

If you wish to make the enemies stronger.

Additional acronyms and meaning:

  • ST – Single Tube
  • IHC – Integrated (Induction) Heating Coils
  • HEM – Hybrid ElectroMagnetic
  • Turbosilencer – a silencer with a turbine

^In this video I’m showing the sway and reload differences and that I haven’t made Overture a dead gun.


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