Ford Hennessey VelociRaptor 6×6 (ADD-ON)


So…are you ready to ride this bull? I warn you, it’s not for the faint-hearted. This monster boasts

800 horsepower

to push



of pure power, and nothing can stop him, not even Adam Smasher. You think Im joking? Well, here’s a little preview…

Traffic jam? No problem as you can see..

SPECIAL FUNCTION for extra lights:

Thanks to




for the CET function <33

To enable and disable extra lights you need to open


bindings and set the hotkey in Ford Customizer. Easy :)

Price: 180k eddie

CET Code:

Game.GetVehicleSystem():EnablePlayerVehicle(‘Vehicle.bonk_ford_hennessey’, true, false)


This is my first mod


so expect some bugs..

Things to do:

  • Fix bugs
  • Add more functions to the truck like inventory, trunk, hood, rear doors..
  • Paints ( but I need to finish my vehicle 100% first)

  • Weapons???


Credits and thanks:

Big thanks


for the guide on vehicle modding. Honestly, I decided to start this mod only thanks to your very detailed guide. Also, I really appreciate the help you’ve provided me since day one.

It’s really a nice tutorial check it out —>

Cyberpunk 2077 Vehicle Modding Guide

Many thanks to

The Magnificent Doctor Presto

for handling the collision and physics conversion. Additionally, I want to express my gratitude to






, and


for their invaluable assistance in troubleshooting. I’d also like to extend my appreciation to the Cyberpunk modding community, especially to


, who has been crucial in helping me navigate certain aspects of WolvenKit and Blender. Last but not least, a heartfelt thanks to you for taking the time to read this description. ❤️


(Published on: 2023-09-05 18:41:00)

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