Fix for Cookedapps Nulled with Appearance Menu Mod

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If you are using

Appearance Menu Mod


Cookedapps Nulled

or any mods changing specific cookedapp files, the face of some NPCs on the street will deform like a monster.

Cookedapps Nulled

is fine,


‘s test proves it. The problem is on

Appearance Menu Mod


This fix solves one specific NPC’s issue I found. You can see it in the preview picture.

This mod replaces an outdated mesh file (/base/characters/head/wa/h0_100_wa_c__big_mouth.mesh) included by

Appearance Menu Mod




for the discussion which helps me understand the details about the issue. If you are a modder and not familiar with the details about cookedapps and app files, you should take a look at his words. I have made the discussion sticky on the POSTS tab.

[ Installation ]

Option 1:

Use Vortex to Install;

Option 2:

For manual installation, just unzip the files to the game folder. Make sure the folder path is:

/Cyberpunk 2077/archive/pc/mod/_Fix for Cookedapps Nulled.archive

(Published on: 2022-10-28 20:05:00)

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