Fewer Tattoos


What it does:

This mod aims to hide IMHO excessive, weird or sometimes ridiculous tattoos on assorted NPCs.

What it does not do:

It does not remove all tattoos, and it is not intended to remove all tattoos in the game.

How it works:

The mod applies changes at runtime, allowing for dynamic, targeted, and reversible alterations on the fly.

This allows you to turn it on or off without restarting the game application or manipulating mod installations.

Additionally, this approach enables easy customization, allowing you to adjust the mod to your specific needs.

It does not use game file replacers to avoid various issues that may result from that approach.

Since the method used to change appearances at runtime has some limitations, some NPCs defined in the game may not support it out of the box.

This solely depends on the particular NPC design in the game’s files.

Fortunately, this mod covers almost all the NPCs I currently find “overtattooed,” so to speak.

The mod is configurable, which means you can exclude certain characters or a specific character’s appearance from the mod management if you don’t like the changes (please see below for the Advanced Configurations spoiler).

And, of course, you can easily turn the mod on or off at any time.

How to use  it:

Simply install it and let it run.

If you want do switch it off you can do it in the mod window in the CET overlay or in the

Native Settings UI.

The mod should appear under Tattoo Cleanup name in the CET and Native Settings.

Currently managed characters:


El Capitan








Aldecaldos Female

Aldecaldos Male

Morning Crowd Female

Mox Female

Tyger Claws Female

Tyger Claws Male

Valentino Female

Advanced Configurations:



Compatibility Info:

Supported versions:

Game v1.63 with a corresponding

Cyber Engine Tweaks (CET) version.

Not fully tested against earlier game versions.

Not tested against the Phantom Liberty DLC yet.

More compatibility details:

Developed and tested against the game v1.63.

Most likely it works with older game versions like 1.31 and up, but as it’s not fully tested against the old versions, it’s not officially supported.

As it follows the built-in NPCs definitions, it may not detect changes introduced by other mods, such as custom NPCs or custom NPC appearances.

Additionally, as the mod manipulates the game’s NPCs’ appearances, it may interfere with other mods that introduce custom changes to the built-in NPCs.

Install or update:


- download the zip archive and extract

- drop the extracted  ‘bin’ folder into “[your game provider install folder]/Cyberpunk 2077” folder. Allow to overwrite files if asked.


- use Vortex Manager with hardlink deployment option



- remove the folder:

”[your game provider install folder]/Cyberpunk 2077/bin/x64/plugins/cyber_engine_tweaks/mods/tatto_cleanup”


- use Vortex Manager


Special thanks to



for his

Object Spawner mod

that greatly facilitated NPCs appearances examination and my mod results.

perfnormbeast for a key CET coding tip this mod utilizes.

Also thanks to


for a hint to… amend the mod name 🙂


for all the CET hints, tips and tricks, unlimited coding support and his patience of a saint.

Of course the mod would not exist without

the Cyber Engine Tweaks

so the CET development team deserves a solid credit too.

(Published on: 2023-08-17 21:24:00)

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Fewer Tattoos 1.5.0-8725-1-5-0-1692303841.zip 0 Download
Alt vhair fix 1.2.0-8725-1-2-0-1690052824.zip 0 Download

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