Enhanced Lights Reshade

Visuals and Graphics

With this Reshade I wanted to accentuate the lights in Cyberpunk2077 even more and create a clearer and sharper Image.

DLSS Sharpening set to default (0.05)

You can use this Preset with every setting (Normal Lighting, Raytracing, Path Tracing)

This Preset uses:



Adaptive Sharpen




  1. Download Reshade


  2. Run

    Reshade Setup


  3. Click Select Game. Find and select the Cyberpunk2077.exe (Default:

  4. C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Cyberpunk 2077/bin/x64

  5. Select Direct3d 11/12

  6. uncheck and check all shaders

    and install.

  7. start the game and open reshade menu (with pos1 by default) and go through the start.

  8. Select my preset

  9. Enjoy

(Published on: 2023-04-16 16:23:00)

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