End Game Save – PATCH 1.62 REQUIRED


28/09/2022 update:

– Iguana hatched

– David’s jacket collected

– Caretaker spade added

– Black unicorn added

– Hypercritical added

– Headhunter added

– Blue fang added

– Guts collected


– Added all of V’s starter clothing items – V’s kicks, Nomad trousers etc – All changed to Legendary with max slots

– Wolf jacket and T-shirt added – Legendary and max slots

– Added “Red” Shion Coyote car

If you haven’t played the game yet don’t use this save because everything is complete. Go enjoy the game yourself at least once 🙂  This save is ideal if you have finished the game but have missed items/gear that’s not obtainable anymore.

End game save file at the final mission. All side quests have been completed.

– Male V Streetkid

– All Apartments/storage areas from side characters unlocked – Panam + Judy + Kerrie

– All legendary outfits collected – Police, Media, Nomad, Netrunner, Rocker, Techie, Fixer, Corpo and Solo – All max slots

– Jonny relationship 70% – Allows you to get secret ending

– All Iconic weapons fully upgraded and in stash – This includes prologue guns you don’t get to keep and death and taxes pistol.

– Skippy is stored in stash and is on headshot mode – Said  I won’t take back to user  – Just don’t turn it in to keep – Feel free to use console commands to spawn another Skippy and turn that in to complete the quest but that could effect the Skippy stored in stash – your call.

– Crash has been upgraded to legendary, has no quest marker and stored in stash.

– All Johnny’s items have max slots, fully upgraded and no quest markers on them.

– All cars collected including bat mobile,  Jackie’s bike, beat the brat gold car, jonnies Porsche and Corpo car from car race quest line.

– Cat in apartment

– Max money and crafting items

– Level 50

– Max street cred

– All perks maxed out

(Published on: 2023-04-15 21:28:00)

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