Ellie Williams’ Tattoo – TLOU Part II – Tattoo Overlay for Gymfiend – Masc V


Hey! Thanks for clicking on my mod! This tattoo is available for Masc V!!!

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With TLOU’s 10th anniversary being this year, I decided to make a TLOU mod; Ellie’s tattoo from Part II 😀 I haven’t finished Part II, but I do want to finish it someday. I just have to get past a certain death in the first hour or so; it made me toss the game aside and leave it. But I wanna pick it back up; the show adaptation’s version of Joel’s massacre in the hospital really made me think more about Joel as a character.Anyway…yeah; this is another game tattoo mod!

Really like how this turned out, but I have to be honest; the placement/sizing isn’t 100% perfect. I tried to get it to match perfectly but it just wasn’t quite happening. So just be aware of that. I still like how it turned out 😀

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For the Fem VTK/Both KS UV original mod, go here:

Ellie’s Tattoo for VTK and KS UV

This mod is super easy to install; I reccomend manual as you can make sure the files go where they need to go.



Install the Gymfiend body; go to the page linked and follow their install instructions.


Download this mod.


Unzip the Zip file to somewhere on your desktop/PC.


Check the ‘

Read Me

‘ note file.


Place an ‘


‘ file in your mod folder. On Steam, the folder path is as follows:



Load up your game, and the tattoo should appear on your arm!

Please be aware I use Reshade, with a preset found here:

Night City +

(Published on: 2023-09-05 17:08:00)

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