Dracula Skin Complexion with Cyber Jaw Version 1


I gave this skin elements that resemble what my idea of a Cyberpunk Vampire might look like. A pale-faced edgerunner with a somewhat sickly yellowish tint, pumped with drugs and chrome that give them a vampire-like appearance. Both Unique V and VTK versions are available, for Fem V only at the moment.

Skin Type 1 is just the basic skin with red shading around the eyes, veins, and reduced lip saturation

Skin Type 2 has additional lines + a barcode

Skin Type 3 is the same, but with a center red lip tint

Skin Type 4 removes the red tint and adds a black cyberjaw that covers the bottom lip

Skin Type 5 is the same, but the jaw is red.

Keep in mind that the skin is very pale and lighting will be more difficult to work with than even-toned skins. I may do a version with a darker skin later.


Now includes a darker version using vanilla skin tones. You still need VTK and UV for the body veins, but it should work fine without them if you don’t use either for some reason


I know a bunch of people want Male V too, so that’s next on the list and I’ll try to upload both the pale and darker versions at the same time.

The Skin Types in the darker version follow the same progression, except the lips have not been desaturated for Skin Types 1 and 4.





skin was used as the foundation for the pale version, and her Fresh Skin for the vanilla tones. Assets from her original

Cyber Jaw

skin were used, with a couple other textures from


she released separately. A million thanks to her for these mods and the many other awesome mods she’s created, including the




, and


pictured above.

Thanks to


, as they created the VTK conversion of Albino, allowing for a VTK version to exist

(Published on: 2023-04-10 22:15:00)

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