Deceptious Commerce Core



Core/framework mod and template that allows modders to add a in-world NPC that sells their items, similar to a vanilla vendor.

Customisable vendors:

Vendor NPC can be changed/customised via TweakXL by the modder

Vendor NPC’s idle animation (workspot) can be changed by the modder

Vendor location (and direction) is setup by the modder, can be anywhere they want

Vendor stock is setup by the modder, and can use existing item sets from Virtual Ateliers

New vendor locations appear on the map/minimap and are trackable with the GPS paths

This mod adds no new content/stores on its own, those are added by mods that use this as a requirement.

Version 0.0.1 / beta supports upto 33 stores, if there is a demand for more this can be expanded with updates to this core.

How to setup a Store Mod using this core/framework?

1. Position, orientation

Find a location in the game world you would like ot have your vendor.

Use CET to get the


values you want:


If you want to make adjustments once the vendor is in game you can edit the position values:

North is +Y, South is -Y, East is +X, West is -X

1.0 = 1m

Use something like

to calculate the quaternion for the facing




0,    0,     0,          1

is North facing.

0,    0,     1,          0

is South facing.

0,    0,     0.707   0.707  is West facing.

0,    0,    -0.707,  0.707  is East facing.

2. Get a slot number

Version 0.0.1/beta supports upto 33 different store mods, check the pinned message thread in


for which slots aren’t used yet.

Once you have picked one please reply to the thread saying which you are using.

The slots numbers have ZERO priority, all slots are treated the same!

Numbers do


have a preceeding 0:




3. Add the files to your project

Template files can be found in the


files download section

Your project can be called anything you like, BUT it must start with a letter or symbol that comes before ‘z’, for the core to work.

Add the files from either the raw zip, or the the archived zip, they are the same files.

Rename the DeceptiousCommerceTemplate.yaml to something that matches your project

Rename the DeceptiousCommerce_X.streamingsector file so that the X is replaced with your slot number



4. Setup/customise your vendor (streaming sector)

Rename the #DeceptiousCommerce_X_sm node references so that X is replaced with your slot number (there are two to rename)



Change the Position and Orientation values to those from

Step 1

Optional: Change the .workspot file to change the NPCs idle animation

4. Setup/customise your vendor (tweakXL yaml)

Rename the Character.DeceptiousNPC_X entry so that X is replaced with your slot number




Rename the Vendors.DeceptiousCommerce_X entry so that X is replaced with your slot number



Optional: Edit the


Character.wat_nid_clothingshop_01 to a Character record you prefer, this can be an existing Character or a new one if you set it up




These are newly instanced characters and will not affect their existing version in the game.

Add your items to the itemStock array

Example: (using 2 of Nola’s items from one of her virtual ateliers)


– $type:





[ Vendors.IsPresent ]

– $type:





[ Vendors.IsPresent ]

You can setup these files as part of your mod, or simply have another mod (like a Virtual Atelier one) as a required mod and use their Item names from there.

5. Build, install, run game

If you havent been to the H10 apartment since installing Deceptious Commerce Core, go there first.

Check the map for a clothing vendor map pin at the location you have setup.

Go there, check if they are in the correct position, orientation, animation etc.

Speak to them to open their store.

Ko-Fi link:

Really like my mod(s)?:

Ko-Fi: Deceptious


Unzip the main zip into “Cyberpunk 2077” folder so that the .archive ends up in the “Cyberpunk 2077/archive/pc/mod” folder, and the .yaml file ends up in the “Cyberpunk 2077/r6/tweaks” folder

Do not rename it, so that store mods “overload” the parts they need to use.


Not currently supported in the 0.0.1 experiment/beta


Make sure you are not within 10m of a store mod on your save.

Delete the zDeceptiousCommerceCore.archive file from the “Cyberpunk 2077/archive/pc/mod” folder.

How to “use” the mod?

Install this and any number of store mods.

Enter (leave first if need be) V’s first apartment in H10, you only need to do this once per Core update, any store mods added afterwards should work automatically.


Store mods that are dependent on this MUST have a file name that starts with any character other than ‘Z’

If more than one store mod uses the same slot value only one will work; play nice!

The HUD mappin system doesn’t recogise the new entries at this time. But the mappin on the map/minimap works fine, and can even be tracked with the games GPS

(Published on: 2023-08-24 20:39:00)

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