David Martinez Jacket Recolors

Armour and Clothing

If you have a suggestion for a new color, let me know… For this or any of the other clothing items I’ve been modding (look through my recent mods to see which items… If I’ve swapped decals or colors, I’ll take requests for it)…

This is compatible with mods like the

David Martinez Jacket Crop

(male/female and all bodies) by


, but only the crops…

This is also fully compatible with my

Marilyn Manson



David Martinez Jacket Replacer mods

New alternate Normal Map texture for the default jacket decals now available… Compatible with recolors, but not with logo swaps… I basically inverted the normal map, so now the “Emergency” text is set into the jacket instead of popping out, and the Edgerunners logo pops out instead of being flat… Kinda flattened a few of the smaller logos, but they’re not as important in my opinion and was worth the tradeoff…

ArchiveXL version?

Nope… I don’t care enough to try to learn how to use it…


If you don’t already have the jacket in your inventory/wardrobe, you can spawn it in via CET’s console with this command

(it’s a quest item, so you’ll probably want to just spawn it in if you don’t have yet… Or do the quest)


  • Game.AddToInventory(“Items.MQ049_martinez_jacket”, 1)


  • Delete the “0BlackNylon_DavidMartinezJacket.archive” file from your [CP77>archive>pc>mod] folder

Known Issues:

  • The “Patent Black” has it’s normal map strength cranked way up… This makes it act funny with logo/decal swaps (in a kinda cool way that I’m not spoiling for anyone)… I suggest to give this a shot 🙂
  • When mixed with the cropped mod and logo swaps it can get a bit weird… Like in the “New Black Leather” shot, you can see a bit of red on V’s back right shoulder… This doesn’t happen on the normal jacket, only the cropped one (and so far only with my Marilyn Manson logo swaps)…

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Manually Enhanced Night City Mod Pack

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(Published on: 2023-03-11 01:27:00)

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File Name Download Count Download Button
00DarkRed_DavidMartinezJacket.zip-7672-1-2-1678344232.zip 0 Download
0ArmyGreen_DavidMartinezJacket.zip-7672-1-0-1678400978.zip 0 Download
0BlackNylon_DavidMartinezJacket.zip-7672-1-0-1678338994.zip 1 Download
0CautionOrange_DavidMartinezJacket.zip-7672-1-0-1678351590.zip 0 Download
0MetallicBrown_DavidMartinezJacket.zip-7672-1-0-1678344722.zip 0 Download
0NewBlackLeather_DavidMartinezJacket.zip-7672-1-0-1678419903.zip 0 Download
0PatentBlack_DavidMartinezJacketReplacer.zip-7672-1-0-1678440190.zip 2 Download
0PuffyPink_DavidMartinezJacket.zip-7672-1-0-1678345311.zip 0 Download
0DavidMartinezJacketInvertedNormalMap.zip-7672-1-0-1678498051.zip 0 Download

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