Damage Over Time Overhaul


In the vanilla game I would rather avoid to have enemy burning, it simply meant that I would lose experience. Makes the damage over time completely useless, right? First of all with this mod that Exp won’t be lost and goes to Engineering. And then the physical and chemical weapons can be improved, since they were quite useless, for more fun and to actually make sense. For example, you can take the bleeding perks and even Tanto will become a more realistic weapon that is fun to play with. You make a few extra holes and they bleed out.

  • Ranged Physical weapon Bleeding chance 10%+5% * Quality
  • Ranged Chemical weapon Poison chance 20%+5% * Quality
  • Melee Physical weapon Bleeding chance 20%+5% * Quality
  • Melee Chemical weapon Poison chance 30%+5% * Quality

Optional version: only Exp rewards.

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(Published on: 2023-08-23 23:15:00)

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