Crested Mashup Hair for Masc V


Remix of Fem V’s Hair 1 for Masc V with shorter crested hairs in the back.

There are two


of the Standalone versions, each with a different edited-to-fit cap style.

Alternatively, there’s a Modular, Capless variant: this lets you use cap styles and colors independently of each other. However, it requires some other mods to work (see below).

All variants replace Masc V Hair 13 (“Judy” hair)

and won’t affect NPCs, thanks to NoraLee and Silverlags’ UUH4V.

⋖ Update  2.0 ⋗

Version 2 with less volume in front hairs, a few more flyaways, and somewhat more coherent physics in the back (wooshiness).

Available as Standalone v2 with cap 01 or cap 02, also updated Modular / Capless which now contains both versions.

Looking for Fem V version? Check out

eagul’s Hair 1 Edits Pack


⫷    Option 1 – Standalone    ⫸

In this case you just need


.archive file, depending on v1 or v2:










: download either Standalone mod from here, extract and drop the “archive” folder into your main Cyberpunk directory ../Cyberpunk 2077. Alternatively, Vortex should also work.

⫷    Option 2 – Modular / Capless    ⫸

This requires

Nim’s More Head Meshes mod

, and

AnruiMurasaki’s Hair Caps mod

. If you are already familiar with Anrui’s hair mods this will work in the same way. If not:

Detailed Installation

: download the Modular mod from here (containing Hair and 2 Cap Styles), as well as the above two. The following files are to be placed in this folder: ../Cyberpunk 2077/archive/pc/mod

  • Hair Style:




  • Cap Style:





Hair Caps

  • Cap Color:

    choose any


  • Cap Mask:

    choose either


    if your V uses it, otherwise choose


  • Cap (slot):

    choose any of the Male


    slot #s which you aren’t already using (this corresponds to slots in Nim’s More Head Meshes)


More Head Meshes

  • Main Files:


— in total you will need 6 .archive files for this version to work —

Credit/Thanks to:

AnruiMurasaki for their awesome mods and their Hair Caps system

NoraLee and Silverlag for their UUH4V Framework, without which I’d not be able to reasonably combine multiple hairs + physics in one

eagul, as well as the chooms at Cyberpunk 2077 Modding Discord servers for answering my newbie questions 🙂

The Wolvenkit Team

(Published on: 2023-03-20 00:17:00)

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Standalone with Cap 01-7637-1-0-1678113598.7z 0 Download
Standalone with Cap 02-7637-1-0-1678113628.7z 0 Download
v2 - Standalone with Cap 01-7637-2-0-1679271407.7z 0 Download
v2 - Standalone with Cap 02-7637-2-0-1679271447.7z 0 Download

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