Configurable Titanium Infused Bones


Allow user to configure how much carry weight bonus the Titanium Infused Bones cyberware provides

  • The first configuration option, “Common”, sets the carry weight bonus provided for common (white) version.  Default is 20, but its configurable up to 300.

  • The second option, “Uncommon Multiplier” is how many times better green is than white.  Default is 2, and can be pushed up to 5.

  • The third option is how much better a Rare (blue) version is than white.  This one defaults to 3, but can go up to 10.

After changing the values, a button will appear to remind you that you have to reload from last checkpoint to apply changes.  Changes will automatically reflect on subsequent loads, but these carry weight tweaks can’t change on the fly, only at load time.

The defaults are set to the same values the cyberware has in vanilla


Mod is now compatible with but does



Titanium Bones Legendary

.  The options relevant to the Legendary game mod will only appear if it is installed.

(Published on: 2023-03-17 04:05:00)

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