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This mod currently adds suspension options to the CMS garage designed to increase ride height and flexibility to V’s owned vehicles, for the wannabe nomads who don’t like lowering their wheels.

Simply extract the directory into your Car Mod Shop folder in “Cyber_engine_tweaks/mods/Car Mod Shop”

Simple mod image due to simplicity of mod.

Currently Added Parts:

AT-AK Short Strut Spacers – Ride height at cost of rigidity

Old Mackinaw Springs – Cheap used suspension, adds ride height, no self-respecting Nomad would allow this setup tho.

AT-AK Offroad Springs & Shocks – Run of the mill suspension, basic Nomad setup.

AT-AK OffroadMax Springs & Shocks – Best of the best offroad suspension AT-AK offers.

Swaybar Delete – What it says on the box, lets your suspension run free, provided you have the ground clearance.

Report any bugs relating to these new parts and make some suggestions please.

(Published on: 2023-09-03 08:57:00)

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