Classy High Heels ArchiveXL – EEX Compatible – Includes Toggleable Feet – Vanilla – Hyst – Solo

Armour and Clothing

A refit and remake of

my high heel mod

using ArchiveXL and now friendly with


body types.

Still requires the high heel body of your choice.

Compatible with Equipment Ex and includes

Toggleable Feet for V

for Vanilla bodies, and is compatible with Hyst and KS/Solo bodies.

NOTE: Any other body types will

still require high heels!

Virtual Atelier — soon! For now, these are available via spawn codes only, which are provided in the readme.

If you downloaded a previous version, please delete the previous archive! The name has changed.

.zip includes:

  • refitted mesh plus 28 recolors of high heels (aka Meredith or corpo heels)
  • readme with command codes
  • png showing the different shoes


Drag the `bin` and `r6` folder to the Cyberpunk install folder. Alternatively, install the mod archive and xl files in the `mod` directory, and the folder with the .yml file in the `tweaks` folder.

To uninstall, delete the above files from their respective folders.

NOW Available via Virtual Atelier:

Washed & Worn Virtual Atelier

Item spawn codes:




  • a-pirate for the reference photos
  • cidrows, cubfan82, gloryride, jamie, nightcxty, and thenocturnalblossom for testing and pics!
  • mana for the

    great tutorial

    ; as well as the other tutorials from




     from the modding server that helped me get going; and cubfan for holding my hand through my initial learning process while working on Poison Ivy
  • angy for the

    Toggleable Feet for Vanilla V

    and letting modders use the files!
  • once again, Poison Ivy Val for giving me a reason to learn ArchiveXL

Usage permissions:

For NPV only

you can use the mesh or mlsetups in this mod with proper credit, either via readme distributed with the NPV that links to this page or my


, or by tumblr post that tags me and links to the mod download.

Any other usage is forbidden without express approval.

If you have questions, please hit me up on


or on Discord at


or on the AMM server. I’ll be happy to talk and share raw files.

(Published on: 2023-08-12 23:12:00)

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