cire420siuol Manually Enhanced Night City – Plus HD

Visuals and Graphics

The AIO pack contains 3 different RT/PT tweaks for you to choose from (if you use RT or PT)… It includes both of the tweaks from my new

RTO Visual and Performance Improvements

mod (the “performance” version of this mod is what will be used if you don’t delete/rename/change load order for it)… It also still includes my older “RTX_Tweaks.ini” file from my “General Performance Improvements” mod… For best visuals (especially if using Path Tracing), I suggest to use the “Visuals” file… For best performance, I suggest to use the “Performance” file (especially suggested if using Path Tracing) or the old “RTX Tweaks” file (which is similar to the “Performance” file but with a bit less stuff in it)… I hope that all makes sense…lol…

Installation (for suggested load order):

  • Install “Manually Enhanced NC Mod Pack” (link above) or just install the AIO pack from here, which includes that mod)…

  • Delete any mods from that mod you don’t want (or just go to each mod’s page and only get what you want)… I suggest to at least delete all of the mods that I have now made HD replacements for, such as my concrete/asphalt and 2D Trees… This is not really necessary though unless you’re just worried about storage space…

  • Install this mod and any addons that you want for it (or just the main files or just the addons)… I suggest to just use the AIO pack in the main files, but feel free to pick and choose if you like…

  • Short video guide for installing most CP77 mods

Note that all of the files from this mod can be used without any other mods (and even independently of each other), I just suggest to combine with the other mods for even better visual quality… To install the files on this page, simply follow the guide in the video I linked above (extract to main CP77 install folder)…


  • Delete the “####xxxx.archive” file from your [CP77>archive>pc>mod] folder

Known Issues:

Pop-in: You may notice more pop-in of roads in the distance… The 2d road decals are unchanged (as I can’t find them in the files), so there is a pretty big difference in color from my modded roads to those (which are only visible in the distance)… This is really not noticeable 99% of the time… The only times I usually see it are when I’m no-clipping or flying… You could use a distanceboost ini tweak to resolve this, but that will likely come with it’s own pop-in issues (I personally use my own tweak with the value set to 100 with no real issues)…

Lag when looking in mirror with AIO pack: You must be using FSR… My ini tweak for FSR boosts mirror quality (only affects those digital mirrors like in V’s apartment)… You can delete the tweak or just open it in notepad and delete the line for “mirrorscaling” (or change it’s value… Default is 1.0)…

Crowds aren’t super dumb anymore with AIO pack: You’re welcome… That’s thanks to the Psycho Crowds ini tweaks 🙂

Check out all of my mods/tweaks


(Published on: 2023-04-14 22:38:00)

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