CharLi – Character Lighting Suite for Photomode


(aka Character Lighting) Version:


Can spawn up to 10 Groups around the Character with 1, 2, 4, 8 or 16 Lights, for a total of 160 Lights. They will follow the Character and can be rotated, moved and scaled. Lights can be adjusted separately with Intensity, Color, Range and Angles. Further adjust your Setup with the Master Controls, which apply to all spawned Groups.

– Update 2.2: “Presets”

Presets (Group/Setup), Offset Compensation, Party Time and more.

Thanks to PewPew for testing!

– Update 2.0: “The Convergence”

Expanded UI, adjustable Ring Convergence, Group Duplication and more.

Thanks to PewPew for testing!

– Update 1.3 brings Lightblockers, a new Lightsource, Master Controls, polished Spawntab.

Thanks to CyanideX and Beethy for testing!

– Update 1.2 brings Spotlights, improved Group Controls and a polished UI.

Thanks to Beethy for testing!

– Update 1.1 fixes some minor bugs and added QoL Features.

No more


for Beethy!

(aka Lite Edition) Version:


Alternate Version who continues the one window style from the 1.x series. Updated with the latest optimizations from the v2.0/2.1 development and features the rotation tracking. I consider this version as finished (bugs aside), as it wont get the upcoming features like presets, due the limited UI space. It also has only “Lights” and “Blockers”, without any additional assets. For people who just needs a “good to go” tool.

Won’t collide with the “big” version, so you can have both installed.

– Update 2.1 is the initial Release, because it’s based on the big brother.

Portrait Enhancer for Photo Mode

by Beethy

Preem Hair


Preem Skin


Preem Photos


Preem Water

by CyanideX

Photo Mode Unlocker 1.6 XL

by SilverEzredes

Appearance Menu Mod

by MaximiliumM

Special Thanks to


for showing this mod in such a entertaining way:


Thanks to Psiberx, the CET + AMM + Wolvenkit Teams and the Modding Discord.

(Published on: 2023-08-20 11:23:00)

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