CDPRs Alternative Tyger Claws Face Tattoo On Back – Tattoo 5 Replacer



body tattoo #5

For the face tattoo, see

this mod page

(replaces face tattoo #5)

Not my design, it’s CDPR’s… Leftover in the game files… Was a placeholder for the current vanilla face tattoo #5 (goes on back and top of head)… I did do a lot of editing to make this pop even more than it did normally, though (contrast/brightness/saturation/sharpening/canvas layer/gaussian blur/etc)… The tattoo texture is also upscaled to 4k separate from the main texture, then downsampled to fit back in, then that was upscaled again to 4k (as the tattoo itself takes up a rather small portion of the full texture, this was the best way to upscale)…

New “Face Only” version released… Removed the puffs of smoke and the flower (I almost like the flower, but for real it looks pretty horrible… This tattoo really wasn’t all that well-designed… It was definitely just made as like a proof-of-concept or something like that…



  • Delete the “0CDPRsAlternateFaceTattooNumber5.archive” file from your [CP77>archive>pc>mod] folder

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(Published on: 2023-03-12 21:10:00)

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