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Hello world ūüôā When I have uninstalled Cyber Vehicle Overhaul, it was a surprise for me that everything I have disliked¬† in cyberpunk driving wasn’t even there(it’s even 2 bugs less). That fact have gave me the enthusiasm to make my own mod. At first I have thought that I will simply make the slow cars faster. When that was done, I couldn’t turn away from what I have wanted for real: to keep as much as possible and modify only what is necessary.¬† I have started from the beginning. In the process I learned how to fix one car’s trouble, then another, then more. In the end I can fix anything. And that’s what I did.

The mod was meant to give to you a pleasure from driving. You will love to drive each car, bike, utility truck or even Maimai, no exceptions!

.::The mod was meant to be installed over vanilla cars. Nothing extra should be there before you have tried::.

Improvements in Reloaded version:

  • I like the new version a lot.
  • Alvarado. A new turning tune. Sway bar¬†stiffness 20-17. Engine power¬†set to 550.
  • Thrax.¬†Turning tune is better than before, the same as on Alvarado. The car is¬†set to FWD instead of RWD. If you could notice, Alvarodo, which was set to FWD earlier, have started to drift super fun, while Thrax on RWD still could not. Engine power set to 570.
  • Columbus. The turbovan demanded me to set it to AWD, otherwise it refused to drift. Turning tune is removed. Because with AWD it’s not even needed anymore. Sway bar stiffness 22-23. More engine power is added.
  • Mizutani MZ1. Turning multiplier is reduced. Because sometimes I rob tigers for their Mizutani and it’s not that stable as tuned MZ2. To not make them equal I have stabilized MZ1 in another way. MZ2 is still more fun to play.
  • Mackinaw MTL1. A better turning tune. Engine power set to 550.
  • Galena GT. Turn wheel speed is reduced 115->110.
  • Mizutani Nomad.¬† Made a new turning tune better than before. Handbrake counter-rotation tune!
  • Archer Quartz, Archer Bandit received handbrake counter-rotation tunes, thanks to Porsche 911. Don’t ask me to do the same for Supron, it’s as stubborn as Columbus. AWD/FWD or won’t work. But you can use it as a reference how bad it was before the mod =)
  • Driving Mizutani Nomad became so simple that it even made me yawn. That’s why the engine was boosted to 660. Try to drive it nao!

Improvements in Vehicle.2-3 versions:

  • More of different Quadras
  • Player’s Quadra Type-66 640 TS Turn Change Mult 1.9->1.8: this change was made to make driving more casual and realistic.
  • Quadra Type-66 “Cthulhu” Turn Change Mult 1.9->1.85, turn wheel speed 100->105 : the same but with fun to drive addition.

The list of previous changes:




My collection of mods, if you need anything from an image



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Get a lot better graphics in CP77 without FPS loss:

E3 Visuals Remastered (E3VR) Lighting and Road Mod

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Weather Randomiser


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