Better Shadows and Global Illumination (ini Tweaks)

Visuals and Graphics

Makes shadows denser and have longer draw distances

… Also increases Global Illumination strength… This helps give distant objects more depth (look especially at the mountains/rocks on the left side of the image, and the distant buildings)…

Alternate version (“”) has been updated!

Tweaks all the same values even more… For those of you that don’t mind (potentially) losing a bit of FPS for better shadows… v2.0 is pretty extreme… Might cost a bit more FPS now…

Also a version available (“”) that lowers

a lot of the values below vanilla… This will hopefully provide a nice FPS boost for low-mid spec machines (maybe even higher-spec, too)… And as with the other versions, can be installed alongside most of my other mods/tweaks (including all of my other performance tweaks)…

2 Optional files available that reduce (or disable) rim/specular lighting for characters

, foliage, weapons, etc… Will conflict with other NPC lighting tweaks, such as

Alternative Character Lighting

or my

Bettr Skin and Cloth Lighting

mods… These values will override the shared values in those files since it’s name comes first alphabetically/numerically, but some other tweaks may override this, so check filenames if you have others…

The screenshots are combined with my

Full Screen Vignette

mod (main file)

… I suggest this combination to avoid the overdarkening of the outer edges and overbrightening of the center of the screen (normal vignette behavior… It’s ugly…lol)…


Extract to your main CP77 install folder

Short video guide for installing most CP77 mods


Delete the “00BetterShadowsTweaks.ini” file from your [CP77>engine>config>platform>pc] folder

Check out all of my mods/tweaks


(Published on: 2023-04-16 16:37:00)

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