Bedellia’s High sneakers ( archive XL )

Armour and Clothing

This mod  adds Highsneakers for FemV in 8 colors.

High Sneakers from TERA online I ported to Cyberpunk

En Masse Entertainment and BlueHole Studios have allowed their assets to be used in free mods: TERA original outfit

This is not a replacer.

Available in my virtual atelier :

Bedellia Tattoo workshop Clothes and accessories

For those who don’t wanna use the atelier store, item codes are in the zip ( this time they should be )





Recommended :


Thanks to :

Manavortex for the very usefull guide on archivexl





for testing and


for testing and pics 🙂

Installation : drag and drop the folders in your cyberpunk folder

Should be compatible with vortex.

item codes in the .zip

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Bedellia Tattoo workshop Clothes and acc


Bedellia’s sandals (Archive XL )

Bedellia’s bandana (ArchiveXL)

Bedellia’s sleeveless punk vest (ArchiveXL


Bedellia’s cropped legging (archiveXL)

(Published on: 2023-03-13 22:22:00)

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