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I recreated a V that I see very often in the headline on many mods, not having found the preset I tried to recreate it faithfully so that everyone can enjoy it.

The mod below is a “.preset” file and I added all the links of the mods to be able to reconstitute it has the identical one it will be necessary for you to add these mods so that that can function.

If you like my preset don’t hesitate to send me other V’s that I could create and if you have any suggestions on how to make my preset more identical use the comment area I will try to answer everyone.

Face Cyberware ( Optionnal ) : ( Sunrise )

Eyebrow :

Eyebrow more dark :

Eyes color :

Body : Hyst_BigBreastsBody v2.0 – with BIG BOOTY (xBeabsae HD FEET)

For the body its possible to add a “rig” you can check this mod —>

Breast Physics : ( Optionnal )

For the Eyelash i dont find mod actually, if you have suggestion tell me thank you.

You can found a lot of hair here :

(Published on: 2023-04-06 16:10:00)

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