Arasaka Ninja Archive XL

Armour and Clothing


  • THIS IS MOSTLY FOR MALE V! The three included helmets will work with female V as well as the balaclava/hood.

  • Currently adds the default black Ninja appearance from my replacer mod as standalone items.

  • Also adds two versions of Oda’s helmet and his chest/shoulder armor from my previous mod.

  • I may do some of the other variations from my replacer mod in the future, but currently do not have plans to. Check that out


     if you are interested.


  • Cyber Engine Tweaks

     is needed to add these items to your inventory. Potentially in the future they will be added to another mod’s store.

  • There is an included readme file that lists the commands for each item as well as the commands for the in game items that you will see in the images.


  • Extract the zip into your Cyberpunk2077 directory.

Known Bugs

  • There will be some minor clipping since these meshes weren’t designed for the player to wear.

  • The inner chest ninja suit clips at the middle of the chest (it’s designed to be used with the vest) and is also buggy underwater.

  • The gloves will not work right while using cyberarms, but should work with most, if not all weapons. If you want gloves that work with the cyberarms use the gloves from my replacer mod or use another mod that adds gloves to cyberarms.


(Published on: 2023-04-05 19:28:00)

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