Anto Sims Hair For Female V


I was granted permission by Anto to convert his hairstyles that he has made public (not his patreon hairs so please don’t ask for these). Therefore, full credit goes to him for creating these hairs! I merely refitted them to the CP77 head.

Current Hairstyles:

– Ainhoa

– Angelina

– Camila

– Dakota

– Eivor

– Levitating

– Patricia

– Thorns


go to the games location and place your chosen .archive file in /Cyberpunk 2077/archive/pc/mod

Each hairstyle replaces hairstyle no. 12, so only use one hair at a time

UPDATE 07/04/2023:

– I fixed the weights on all the hairs, so there should be less funkyness when posing your V. Mind that there still might occur some clipping though.

– updated all vanilla colours to work

– Updated textures

– No, I will not add physics to the hairs. Bc idk how and I’m too scared to ask anyone how to do that lol

EDIT (31/05/2023) I am aware that some of the hairs have some like… seethrough bits between hair cards, it’s a texture and UV issue, I’m working on fixing it

Thank you to:


, for allowing my to convert these hairstyles


for patiently teaching me how to convert sims hairs to CP77

– The Cyberpunk 2077 tool creators for making this mod possible

(Published on: 2023-04-08 18:01:00)

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