Alvarix Custom Store – Atelier

Armour and Clothing



Virtual Atelier

Mods Supported:

Steampunk Outfit

Split Dress and Bikini

Archangel Wings

Leather Punk Outfit

Wrap Around Dress

Angel Outfit Reworked

School Girl Outfit and Hair

BloodRayne Outfits and Hair

Lilith Daughter of Hatred

Ballerina Twins Outfit

Cyber Samurai Outfit and Katana

Cyberpunk Outfit

Sasha Outfit and Hair

Quiet Outfit and Hair

Haven Trooper Suit – Archive-XL

Full Body Fashioware – Archive-XL

Invisible Garment Slots

Ruby Rose Collection

Yorha 2b Collection

Cammy vs Chun Li Outfits and Hair

Succubus Outfit and Scythe

Retribution Outfit

Blaidd Sword

Deus Ex Outfit and CyberArms

Lingerie Set – 6 Colors

BatGirl Outfit

Rocker Girl Clothes

The Atelier will be updated every time i make more Custom Outfits

Update 3.0 Updated the prices for all the Items 1000 Eddies each


Extract the .zip and put the contents into the main game folder.


C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Cyberpunk 2077


C:/Program Files/Epic Games/Cyberpunk 2077


C:/Program Files (x86)/GOG Galaxy/Games/Cyberpunk 2077


– Rfuzzo for CP77 Tools

– yamashi for Cyber Engine Tweaks

– AlphaZomega for all the Tools/Scripts

– psiberx for Archive-XL and Tweak-XL

– WopsS for RED4ext

– иᶦო for all the great work

– Pacings for making the Virtual Atelier


– To all off the CP77 Modding Tools Discord

(Published on: 2023-08-26 04:37:00)

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