Aldecaldos Armored Aramid Vest

Armour and Clothing

Aldecaldos Armored Aramid Vest


Ever wondered why the Aldecaldos have no armored clothing when they’re basically living in the Mad Max universe? Not anymore. This mod adds a new, standalone armored vest to the game, based off of the Arasaka Polycarbonate Armored Aramid Vest. It features Aldecaldos decals with custom placing and custom normals; which means that you have a lot of decals and they are textured/raised instead of flat on the clothing. The colors are based off of the Aldecaldos Rally Bolero Jacket. There is also dirt and stain build up to give the vest a more realistic and worn in look, perfect for a Nomad V. Check the images section for detailed screenshot!


This mod has gendered versions for the vest, so you can use it both with male and female Vs.

No compatibility issues with any mod. (let me know if the comments if you find any.)

Also compatible with Equipment-EX. Highly recommend you use it with my mod.

Compatible with -KS- Solo body (vanilla and small breasts) by default.

Compatible with Hyst’s EBB (Optional file)




install the



of the following mods for my mod to work correctly:








Cyber Engine Tweaks

In order to use this mod with Hyst’s EBB mod, you need (you guessed it) Hyst’s EBB mod:



Installation and Use

Download the .zip file and extract the contents into your game directory. Make sure you have the required mods above installed correctly.

Use the following code in the Cyber Engine Tweaks console to spawn the vest:


Known Bugs

None as of now. Please let me know if you find any.


Massive, MASSIVE thanks to


for being an absoute gem and practically holding my hand throughout the creation and troubleshooting of this mod.❤️❤️

Thanks to


for getting me started on my modding journey- that free shot of modding H really do be hitting. 💀😆Thanks also for modelling his V for some of the awesome images in this mod


Thanks to


for developing all the important core mods and for fixing the garment support for the vest.

Thanks to


for helping me figure out how to get the decals working when wearing the vest with other clothes.

Lastly, thanks to all the other amazing and helpful folks over at the

Cyberpunk 2077 Modding Discord

for all the help and support!


If you like my work and would like to support me, you can

make a donation on Ko-Fi


(Published on: 2023-08-22 14:51:00)

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