This mod adds an addiction system to Cyberpunk, keeping track of V’s consumptions over time : addiction slowly increases on consumption, and slowly decreases whenever resting. Whenever V is addicted and stops consuming for an extended period of time, (s)he can also experience withdrawal symptoms.


Like in real life, V will never completely knows how much (s)he is addicted to a certain consumable… until it’s too late.

In-game hints are provided though, so listen to the signs chooms …


A complete description of the mod’s gameplay mechanics can be found

in the book

 but let me warn you that it will

ruin any surprise that this mod has for you

. People who want an immersive playthrough and discover its subtleties should refrain from reading it.

Here’s briefly what it does:


a.k.a MaxDOC, BounceBack and Health Booster.

All the healer consumables lose potency as long as V’s is seriously addicted.

for example an uncommon MAXdoc usually restores 40% health: it will only restore e.g. 30% when V gets addicted to it.


a.k.a Stamina Booster, Carry Capacity Booster and RAM Jolt.

All the booster consumables grants the opposite debuff as long as V experiments withdrawal symptoms.

for example, a RAM joly]t usually increases max RAM when consumed: whenever V stops consuming for a while (s)he will see her max RAM decreases as long as (s)he doesn’t consume some again.


Withdrawing from BlackLace will have dire consequences: expect many debuffs!


(Wannabe Edgerunner)

Neuroblocker’ effects duration will be shorter as V becomes seriously addicted.


Some cyberwares will allow to get more informations about own’s addiction current state. Other cyberwares will greatly reduce the chances of even being addicted at all!


Currently this mod :

You can report any bug found on

Github Issues

, or directly in the Post or Forums here.


♦ psiberx

♦ jekky

♦ DJ_Kovrik

♦ Toolchain Optimizer (mana)

♦ RMK Soundsystem

♦ keanuWheeze

♦ Technic235

♦ Lyralei

♦ IslandDancer

♦ Hróbjartur Fóðarsson

♦ Sürr

♦ Auska

♦ deadlymustard

♦ Simarilius

♦ Paperclip

♦ dddzzzkkk

♦ donk7413

♦ Eli

(Published on: 2023-08-23 16:17:00)

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