44.4 EdgeZone Radio



Welcome to radio EdgeZone!

It’s my first mod, easy one to get me started with Cyberpunk modding.

So, this mod adds RadioExt radio station named Edgezone, which plays music from Electro/Industrial/Cyberpunk genres. I just thought those would fit while cruising around Nightcity!

Where did the name come from

The name came from Cyberpunk common jargon,


A strip, a gray area, an

area of potential coolness


How to install

First make sure


is installed!

To install this mod, either use Vortex mod manager or do it the manual way.

Installing it manual way is easy, just unpack the zip file to your Cyberpunk folder, for example: D:/games/Cyberpunk 2077

basically, unpack it to a folder where folders named archive and bin already exists.

Then all that’s left to do is to hop into the car and check if it works!

Song list

Call Me Sleeper – Nightmares

Call Me Sleeper – WARNING

Celina – Biowaste

Celina – Blast

Celina – Ultragear

Dirrek – The Hunt

Drivepilot – The Tyrant

Infraction – Control

Infraction – Machine Gun

Infraction – Overnight

Infraction – Almost Evil

I-SAAC – Contact

Light4storm – We Fight Back

Light4storm x Celina – Voidwalker

Max Brhon – Humanity

Naked Swan – Botticello

Powernerd – Ghost Me

Powernerd – Slipstream

Riley Ella – Kairo

Sierra – Unbroken

Seleen MP – Noxious

Smash Stereo – Spectre

Tarik Bouisfi – Orphic

TENEBRAX – Asphyxia

Varien – One Shot One Kill

Yenmania – Hakagure

Yenmania – Program Error Vol.2

Yenmania – Silence Time

(this list will probably expand in the future)

Credits and afterword

CD Project Red for Cyberpunk 2077

Wolvenkit team, which is now part of CDPR, for the Wolvenkit tool

Respective authors for their epic music

and you, for giving my mod a shot, and downloading it!

Hope you enjoy my mod!

(Published on: 2023-04-13 11:23:00)

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